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Welcome to the Energy Capital of Europe!

One: oil-abundant Aberdeen is situated between two rivers: the Dee and the Don. That means lots of shore line.

Two: many of the buildings here are made with mica-rich granite from local quarries. That means lots of silvery-grey structures.

Now put those two facts together and what’ve you got? The Silver City with the Golden Sands.

But wait. There’s more.

Property to rent in Aberdeen

Tenements made of – you guessed it, granite – make up most of the property to rent in Aberdeen. Old Aberdeen to the north and Footdee to the east are where you’ll find primarily cottage-style properties to rent. To the west, in Broomhill Road, you’ll find penthouses and apartments. But if Aberdeen flats aren’t your cup of tea, maybe the countryside would suit you better, in which case Stonehaven might interest you. Aberdeen also has a goodly number of suburbs that are complete with their own shopping centres – no need to commute into the city for your household needs.

We could go on and on, but if it’s a local property pro you’re after, take a gander at our Lettingweb Agent Directory. Aberdeen letting agents are wonderfully helpful at finding the ideal property to rent in Aberdeen based on your particular needs.

Fast Facts

Pronunciation: Ab-er-deen or in local Doric, Abe-er-deen

Population: 220,420

Randomness: So many things to choose from. We opted for a list a la Buzzfeed, who compiled some pretty Aberdeen-Awesome oddities and interests to enlighten you for a lifetime in fewer than 60 seconds.

City Council

Sport complexes, libraries, local committees, school term dates, local holidays – the Aberdeen City Council’s website has loads of local information.

Student Accommodations

Students like you head to one of Aberdeen’s universities to study all kinds of smart stuff: art, business, agriculture, Countryside Management (we like the sound of that one). While you’re searching flats to rent, your deal-or-no-deal decision making may be based on the flat’s proximity to your university. No problem. Our student accommodations page has more about choosing a property to rent in Aberdeen that suits your brainy ways.

Now the fun’s over. Time for you to finish browsing those search results for ‘Aberdeen flats to rent.’ Good luck!