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Welcome to one city, many discoveries – that’s Dundee!

Dundee began as quite the industrial little city, but it has recently turned into a locale well-known for its citizens’ work in the arts, gaming and life sciences.

During our coffee breaks we like to drop in on Dundee’s cosmopolitan residents via the city’s handy webcam overlooking Dundee City Square. That’s quality people watching.

Property to rent in Dundee

Dundee is a compact city, covering just 67 km2, yet there are a number of primary residential areas: Baxter’s Park is north of city centre; Lochee is northwest; Broughty Ferry and Barnhill Village are four miles east; and the West End is, well, west – and it is indeed a desirable area for anyone looking for property to rent in Dundee. If the suburbs interest you, then you may want to look into Charleston, Ardler and Fintry, which are farther north.

Navigating a new city, however compact, can be a challenge. Letting agents are a big help with sorting out where to find property to rent in Dundee, rooms for let in Dundee, or flats to rent in Dundee. The Dundee grid is burned into the agents’ brains, and for your convenience we’ve got them listed in our Lettingweb Agent Directory.

Fast Facts

Pronunciation in Scottish Gaelic: Dùn Dé

Population: 156,561

Randomness: In 2008 and 2010, the Intelligent Community Forum selected Dundee as one of the seven smartest cities in the world. How do they rate in 2014? The results aren’t in yet, but things look good now that your brain power is coming to town.

City Council

Far be it from Lettingweb to hold back helpful links, such as Lord Provost’s Blog, on the Dundee City Council website. But the blog’s nae all they’ve got. The council’s site is also useful for finding school term dates, community events, job opportunities, special needs programmes and more.

Student Accommodations

If you’re moving to Dundee for university you’re either attending the University of Dundee or the University of Abartay Dundee. We know because we’ve been checking up on you. Okay no, we haven’t. We just know there are only two universities in Dundee, is all. We also know about finding student accommodations, which is probably high on your list of things to do. You’ve got a list, right? We sure hope so.

We’d love to stay and chat, but you have to get back to your Dundee search results so you can find the property to rent in Dundee that’s right for you.