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Welcome to the home of the Falkirk Wheel!

We can’t not mention the Falkirk Wheel. It’s world famous. It attracts more than 400,000 visitors to Falkirk every year. It’s the only one of its kind and there is only one other [presumably lesser] boat lift in the whole of the United Kingdom.

That is surely one heck of an impressive wheel. Even so, there’s more to Falkirk than its colossal, rotating, blow-your-mind, one-of-a-kind boat lift.

Property to rent in Falkirk

The Falkirk council area consists of 42 villages and towns. Among them the aforementioned Bonnybridge; Polmont to the east, with easy rail and motorway access for commuting; Grangemouth, which is equidistance between Edinburgh and Glasgow and is the location of one of the UK’s main ports; and Dennyloadhead, appreciated by locals for its natural beauty.

While you’re bound to find a good assortment of property to rent in Falkirk, you may want a spot of professional advice when it comes to finding the perfect house to rent, especially if you’re new to the area. That’s what letting agents are for! Check out our handy Lettingweb Agent Directory to track one down.

Fast Facts

Pronunciation: Fall-kerk

Population: 35,168

Randomness: Bonnybridge, a town within the Falkirk council district, recently appointed itself The UFO Capital of the World with over 300 reported UFO sightings every year. Welcome, friends, to the Falkirk Triangle. *cue Twilight Zone music*

City Council

Finding the best property or house to rent in Falkirk isn’t everything. Once you’re settled, check out the Falkirk Council, your local authority on bin collection times, public works updates, community safety, animal welfare and much, oh so much more.

Student Accommodations

You’ve no doubt got a full class schedule, so it would be really nice to live near the Forth Valley College campus, which is situated near the heart of Falkirk city. There are often flats and houses to rent in the Falkirk area that suit student lifestyles. Plus, our information on student accommodations will also help you find the flat you need.

Still thinking about all those UFO sightings? We are too. But try to focus – you’ve got to get back to browsing houses to rent in Falkirk!