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Welcome to Scotland’s largest city!

So far, the big news in 2014 was Glasgow playing host to the XX Commonwealth Games for the first time since the games began in 1930. And well done, Glasgow.

Still, all that sport was merely icing on Glasgow’s reputation as a cultural cornucopia of arts and entertainment. The city is home to hundreds of theatre, ballet and opera companies, including the formidable Scottish Opera.

Read on for the quick and dirty on Glasgow.

Flats to rent in Glasgow

Looking for flats to rent in Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city? You should know the River Clyde divides Glasgow into North and South. North of the river are 92 districts, and south of the river are 59 districts. We ran out of fingers and toes trying to add up all the possible flats to rent in Glasgow. Must. Use. Calculator.

You may like a bit of professional help sorting out which part of Glasgow suits you best or what property to rent best suits your budget. There’s no one better for the job than a letting agent. For one thing, they can narrow down those districts for you. And fortune shines, because we happen to have a list of agents in our Lettingweb Agent Directory.

Fast Facts

Pronunciation: Glaz-go (a.k.a. Dear Green Place)

Population: 598,830

Randomness: Glasgow is the only Scottish city with an underground subway. The original orange subway cars earned the subway the nickname ‘Clockwork Orange’.

City Council

We know an awful lot about flats to rent in Glasgow, but there’s more to your life than your rent, right? The Glasgow City Council is your local resource for questions and concerns you may have regarding council tax, education, parks, environmental issues, benefits, local events and more.

Student Accommodations

Finding a good flat and good flatmates are rightly big concerns for university students. We’re no matchmaking service (yet!), but we’ve got the lowdown on student accommodations in Glasgow for all you university-bound folk.

And now it’s time for you to go search for the flat to rent in Glasgow, property to rent in Glasgow – however you choose to phrase it! – that is your dreamy domicile.