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Flats to Rent in England

You have to eat loads of fish and chips

It’s practically the law in England!

Okay, seriously, you can eat anything you like, which is just one thing that makes England an excellent place to call home.

Other excellent things? Stonehenge, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, and Kent, where Charles Dickens lived and drew much inspiration. Of course England also has the royal family.

And why shouldn’t England be fabulous? It’s had since 927 AD to become what it is today.

No matter where you rent

You will probably apply for your new home with a private property owner or through a letting agency. Whether you want a traditional tenement that’s old as time and oozing English charm or you prefer a modern flat that is sleek and sophisticated, do familiarise yourself with British legislation so you know what to expect when it comes to your security deposit; your rights and responsibilities as a tenant; and what you can expect from your landlord.

Home of iconic travel

England, in particular London, is home to the iconic double-decker buses and black taxis.

The double-decker buses are brilliant for getting your eyeballs all over the great city that is London, but you’ll also find that your transportation needs are well tended to with rail, coach, the tube, cycling, car hire, even under-sea train – just look at where there is much to learn about each of your travel options.

Then again, public transport may not be your cup of tea. Before you look at buying a car, look into England’s guidelines for getting a driving licence.

Moving with Children

You have little ones to consider, eh? No problem, parent. Find schools in your area with’s school finder resource.

Have an athlete on your hands? This is England. No shortage of sports here. The English Schools’ Athletic Association is where you can find a good deal of information on all things sporty.

Special Needs

If you’re moving with a school-age child, it’s important you find the best school placement for them. You may be interested in checking out the database of special needs schools at Special Needs UK.

And don’t forget about family support. Contact a Family aims to connect you with parents and caregivers for support, socialising and friendship.


For you bookworms headed to university or being kicked out of halls, Lettingweb have student accommodation information to suit your student lifestyle.

Don’t be shy

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But before we go –

Welcome to England, mate!