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Welcome to the capital of the Scottish Highlands!

Inverness reportedly has the happiest residents of anywhere in Scotland. Of course, the rest of us are arguably pretty cheerful. Still, Inverness residents are likely all the happier in 2014, hosting this year’s largest Gaelic festival: the Royal National Mod, held in October.

Finding a house to rent in Inverness

In the Inverness area you’ll find a range of property styles: bungalows, new builds, established developments and even converted churches. Unlike some of Scotland’s larger cities, you’re not going to find flats so much as houses to rent in Inverness.

Where you choose to hang your hat in or around Inverness may depend on your work or personal interests. You may want to be near Raigmore Hospital, or near the A9 or the train station, or you may want to stretch your legs in the countryside and forget all about city living. The area you choose will, to some extent, determine the types of properties you’ll look at.

Guess who can help you decide on which house to rent and in what area? Why, a letting agent, of course. So happens we are well connected folk here at Lettingweb. Our Agent Directory lists all the local super agents who’ve got Inverness house rental details surgically implanted in their brains.

Fast Facts

Pronunciation: Inbhir Nis, original Gaelic; or just In-ver-ness; or its nickname, Invershnecky

Population: 62,470

Randomness: Yes, Invershnecky receives visitors from all over the world looking for the Loch Ness Monster. But did you know that the women in Inverness are among the bustiest in Scotland? What did we write about Inverness residents being the happiest in the country? Well …

City Council

Even in Scotland’s Highlands you’ll not want for the bells and whistles of modern technology; the Highland Council has a Twitter feed just for employment opportunities. The Council also provide you with information on music tuition services for children, school meals, council taxes, food safety reports for local businesses and more.

Student Accommodations

The Inverness College Midmills Campus is well situated for local amenities. It’s also conveniently close to the train station. But what you really need is a house to rent in Inverness and possibly housemates to suit your student lifestyle. To find out more, visit our student accommodations page.

Aye, that’s time’s up for Inverness bits and bobs. Now you have to get back to searching for your ideal house to rent in Inverness!