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Welcome to ‘The Heart of Scotland’!

Scotland’s Braveheart, Sir William Wallace, stood on Abbey Craig to observe the English advancing. Then he ran back down Abbey Craig to help defeat the English at the Battle of Stirling Bridge, the First War of Scottish Independence.

Climb 246 steps up a spiral stone staircase at the National Wallace Monument and you too can cast an eye across the land in search of advancing armies or of grazing sheep, which is actually way more likely.

Property to rent in Stirling

There are many spacious properties to rent in Stirling: large, family-style villas near city centre; furnished cottages in nearby rural areas; traditional tenements near the train station. With Stirling, there are often many beautiful properties to rent in scenic locations.

If you’re new to the area, make sure you keep an eye on what amenities matter to you, such as access to public transport, proximity to schools, work or leisure activities - there is much to consider before you settle on a property to rent.

If you’d like a renting agents in Stirling to weigh in on the kind of property and location that would best suit your needs, look no further than our Agent Directory. Renting agents are fab resources what with all that local area knowledge they possess.

Fast Facts

Pronunciation: say it in Scots as Stir-lin

Population: 45,750

Randomness: Stirling Castle is the site of the first recorded attempt at flight. In 1507, John Damian leapt from the highest point of the castle with plans to fly to France. But rather than fly, he fell and broke his leg. Damian said the wings he’d fashioned from eagle feathers somehow got poultry feathers slipped into them, thus preventing his flight. Chicken feathers. Get you every time.

City Council

Stirling’s City Council website is where the rubber meets the road of all things local. This is where you’ll get information about recycling, local libraries, council taxes, car parks and so many other topics that interest Stirling citizens just like you.

Student Accommodations

Ah, Uni. These days are your future good ol’ days, so live them well! The backdrop to all your memory-making is a good property to rent in Stirling, and if you if you need roomies to help you cover the rent we can help with that too. Check out our student accommodations info to get started.

Now off you go to find the perfect property to rent in Stirling. Happy hunting!