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No-one should be homeless. Sadly, it’s a harsh reality for many who are sleeping rough in Scotland.

We believe homelessness is a solvable issue in Scotland.

It’s our mission to increase the quantity and quality of private rental accommodation. To reshape Scotland’s housing policies for the benefit of all. And ultimately, to end homelessness for good. But we can’t do that overnight.

So what can we do right now?

The Lettingweb foundation exists to raise funds and deploy them to registered charities working to combat homelessness in Scotland but allows us to diligently select the recipient charities and ensure we achieve the best social return for our investment.

We continue to contribute 5% of our profits quarterly to the foundation and automating this support has been what we have found to work best.

On top of money the team also donate their time and get involved with some of the supported charities.

You can help us make that difference too.

To find out how you can contribute, please get in touch!