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We're making letting
faster for tenants

We’re tenants too! The average employee is 30 years old and rents just now or did so very recently. So we know that competition for properties is high – and it’s frustrating when letting agents don’t communicate quickly.

We’re working with both tenants and letting agents to make the process faster, safer and smarter – addressing the problems with the rental sector.

What’s the problem with renting in Scotland?

There aren’t enough properties. There’s growing legislation. And letting agents don’t have enough time to keep up.

Around 15-20 tenants enquire about every rental property – putting letting agents under pressure to quickly select suitable tenants based on limited information.

What we're

We’ve changed the rental enquiry process so letting agents can quickly select identify you as a suitable tenant for their property – helping you arrange viewings quicker.

With the most thorough rental enquiry form in Scotland, letting agents tell us that enquiries from save them time. They can filter 20 enquiries from multiple property websites – and quickly identify the better qualified enquiries from

Making letting quicker

We understand the urgency of moving and the challenges it brings.

So our rental enquiry form provides the information letting agents need to make a decision faster – saving you time and getting you to a viewing quicker.

And we automatically update you on the status of properties you enquire about – so you know the minute is off the market.

Ultimately, tenants told us to make letting quicker for them – and we’re working on it.

Making letting smarter

Tenants told us that speed of searching and the ability to cleverly filter properties were important to them.

So our intuitive search tool filters hundreds of properties to a handful – instantly narrowing your search to the most relevant.

And we added tools – like local info, affordability and school catchment tools to provide clarity.

All in all, you can make accurate decisions more easily.

What you can do...

Across Scotland, 15-20 tenants enquire about every available property. So presenting yourself as the most suitable tenant is vital.

Be prepared
before you enquire

Our rental enquiry form is the most thorough in Scotland – asking 3 extra details to highlight you as a suitable tenant.

We ask you to confirm that you have identification, proof of income and references.

So you’re a ‘viewing-ready’ tenant – ideal for a letting agent to call back quickly.

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your situation

Are you a student with parents as your guarantor? Are you on low income or DSS supported?

Don’t worry! Situations like these are not a problem for most professional letting agents, they just need to know upfront.

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Take everything
to the viewing

Let’s say you like the property when you view it. You want to go straight to the letting agent’s office and agree to take it.

By taking everything with you, you’re in the best position to secure the property.

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