About us

Our services are split into 3 options. They are as follow:

Option 1 (Let Only) – If you would like us to do a Let only, we can carry out the advertisement and do all the viewings. We will make sure that all the required certificates are completed and can even organise some work to be carried out if needed. We will keep advertising the property until it is let and then sign the lease with the tenant on your behalf. Once the lease is signed and the tenant moved in, we will hand over all the documents to you (the Landlord) and you can manage the property from that point on.

Option 2 (Management) – If you would like us to carry out viewings, sign the lease, complete an Inventory, do a property inspection every three months, attend to maintenance issues, handle deposit disputes and provide a 24/7 helpline for the tenants, this is the option for you!

Option 3 (Full Management/ Rent Guarantee) – This option provides everything that is offered in Option 1 and Option 2 but you have the added value of peace of mind and a hands-free investment. Perfect for Real Property Investors and People who value their time. Your rent will be guaranteed every month and we take full responsibility of the property and its condition. This includes all maintenance costs and void periods. You will get paid even if the property is empty! Within this option, we will cover the cost of renewing any Safety Certificates and HMO Licences that are due. This option truly provides Landlords with the peace of mind that their property will be looked after. True Passive Income.

More about our Rent Guaranteed

We offer something that very few letting agents are able or even willing to offer! We take all the risk by providing landlords a rent guarantee. This means that even if the property is vacant or the tenant does not pay the rent, you know that you will receive your monthly rent into your bank account.

But how does it work?

We take all the responsibility by signing long term lease (anything from 1 year to 3 years) with the landlord. We would be happy to carry out some maintenance work to add value to the property and bring it up to standard if need be. We then rent out the property with the required legal documents to our corporate clients and professional tenants. Your rent is paid by 360Lets even if there are no tenants in the property. Maintenance cost are included in our contract and it will be our responsibility to get any work done and paid for.

Everything in a nutshell

• You get guarantee rent with no void periods

• No fees or commission is charged

• No hidden costs

• No VAT charge

• No court costs

• We will take great care of the property