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RE/MAX Lettings Dundee


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About us

Our office in Whitehall Crescent Dundee is not just a local branch, it's also independently owned and operated as a family business. Our family values permeate through every part of our operation which is why most of our business comes from recommendations.

RE/MAX Lettings are specialists in great customer care, whether you are a landlord or a tenant. Our head of lettings has vast experience of working in the property industry and is always on top of the ever changing legislation. Blend our expertise with RE/MAX's already high levels of dedication and you have a service standard that you would find difficult to fault. If you want 100% commitment, great response times to enquiries, honesty, transparency and one to one communication, you've found it.

We hear it all the time… Agents promise landlords the earth and all the landlord ever gets is a bag of compost!

So here At RE/MAX we live up to our promises we're so confident new landlords will be impressed by what we have to offer that we'll even give you the first month free of management fee and we'll defer your agreement starting for 30 days so you can walk away if you don't like what we do.

We look forward to welcoming you on board