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About us

Elliott Estate Agents do everything you would expect from a 1st class letting agency.

We understand the power of effective marketing and what it can achieve for our clients.

As Glasgow’s premier letting agent we deliver results through sharp thinking and impeccable execution, ensuring your property stands out in the crowded market. Employing some of the sharpest minds in Letting, we immerse ourselves in the sale of your property, our proactive team focus extensively between instruction, offer and completion to ensure we deliver the results as planned. We are always looking for ways to do it better.

Many of our clients are looking for buy to let properties for long-term investment yields. We not only advise on the best areas for rental potential but through our sister company, Jacob & Jones Business Transfer Agents, we are able to advise on commercial property and alternative investment products such as car park investments and storage unit investments which offer surprisingly high yields.

Our aim is to maximise the optimal value of your home ensuring clients recommend us and return to us time after time. Our convenient West End location ensures we are always at hand should you wish to pop in for a coffee and chat.