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What is Mid Market Rent?

Mid Market Rent (MMR) is an initiative that aims to provide a solution for the housing problems that have arisen in the last few years.

By offering an option that is in between social and private housing, the government and housing associations are giving a solution to people who were potential first time buyers, but can no longer afford or apply for a mortgage. Rents are generally lower than private lets and higher than social housing. As such there can be specific eligibility criteria when applying for these properties.

Am I Eligible For Mid Market Rent Properties?

There are some common rules that you must comply with to be eligible for Mid Market Rent, though they can vary between local councils:

  1. You should have a connection with the area you are applying to live in, either through work, family or cultural networks.
  2. You should have sufficient income to pay rent without having to rely on benefits, but the actual minimum income varies across Scotland.
  3. Applicants should be economically active.
  4. Mid Market Rent is aimed at people who cannot afford private renting or home ownership but would not usually be eligible for social housing, so the minimum and maximum incomes reflect this aim.
  5. Tenants with a regular income will be preferred, but those without regular income may still be considered.
  6. Preference for Mid Market Rent allocation will be given to people who:
    • Are living in private rented accommodation.
    • Are living with friends, family or relatives.
    • Do not have security of tenure in their current home.
    • Are being forced to leave their home because of a change of circumstance.
    • Are on waiting lists for social housing projects.