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mydeposits Scotland is completely free to use, with a bulk deposit importer that makes the process of uploading multiple deposits for protection simple.

  • Join mydeposits
  • Lodge the tenancy
  • Pass the tenant
    key details
  • You have complied
    with the law

How we support you:

  • Secure protection

    Each deposit is kept safe, in a secure UK based bank account for the tenancy duration.

  • Segregated bank accounts

    Each deposit is held in its own unique segregated account for the tenancy duration. The deposit in covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

  • Fast repayment of deposit:

    We will return the deposit straightaway by your preferred method of payment, once both parties have agreed to its release.

  • Fair dispute resolution

    Our award nominated dispute resolution service uses impartial adjudicators qualified in Scottish law to resolve your deposit disputes.

  • Online dispute service:

    Upload all your dispute claim evidence online, including the tenancy agreement, inventories, photos and video, saving you time and money.

  • Support and guidance:

    Information, support and guidance is available on all things deposit-related, online, over the phone or face-to-face.

How it works

Once you have lodged the deposit it is kept in a secure bank account by mydeposits Scotland until the end of the tenancy. Both the agent and tenant must authorise its return by using unique deposit release codes. If you cannot agree over any proposed deductions to the deposit we offer an impartial dispute resolution service to resolve the dispute.


At Murray & Currie we understand the importance of working alongside a government approved deposit scheme. That is why we use my deposits Scotland, to ensure we fully comply with the law and are safe in the knowledge that our tenants’ deposit money is secure. This transparent relationship 100% guarantees confidence and trust between landlord, tenant and Murray & Currie.
mydeposits Scotland has a reputation for outstanding support and customer service and have developed smart and efficient online systems that will really reduce the administrative burden of the new legislation.

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