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Napier University Accommodation


Edinburgh Napier University was founded as Napier Technical College in 1964, but was granted a charter in 1992, making it the third Edinburgh institution to officially get university status. It is named after John Napier, the inventor of the logarithm who was born on the University’s campus – albeit over 400 years before there was a University there!

It has only been referred to as Edinburgh Napier University for less than five years, having gone through several names changes before that. Despite this, ‘Napier’ has always been in the name somewhere, and is the name the university goes by amongst students and locals. People attending the university tend to stay in student flats around Morningside or Craiglockhart, which are near both the main and the Merchiston Campus.

All of the areas around the city, however, offer varied and comfortable student accommodation and Edinburgh’s south eastern corner is home to some of the greenest parts of the city. The famous Meadows and Bruntsfield areas are located in between Napier’s two campuses, offering a full range of upmarket bars and cafes as well as other fare, and have a good number of student lets available.