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University of Aberdeen Accommodation


The University of Aberdeen is the third oldest university in Scotland, which is no mean feat considering that 5 of the UK’s ‘Ancient Universities’ reside in the country. It is also the fifth most senior of the English speaking universities, putting it into the same bracket as Oxford, Cambridge, St. Andrews, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Its venerable nature is most pronounced in the centre of its main campus – Kings College – where a distinguished chapel building marks the centre point of the establishment. Cobbled streets and several more elderly buildings complete the feel of this campus, situated at the heart of Aberdeen’s Old Town. The University no longer holds classes in Marischal College, which it has leased to the Aberdeen City Council to act as their headquarters. It is still a grand gothic building, however, which dominates the city skyline. Foresterhill provides a home to the University’s medicine department.

Student accommodation for those attending the University of Aberdeen tends to be in either the Bridge of Don, the Old Town surrounding Kings College, or occasionally Seaton. All these areas are within walking distance of the main campus, with the Old Town stretching towards the city centre. For this reason, it is the more popular location for accommodation for students in their second year or beyond.

Most of the city (at least those parts north of the Dee) will be home to a few student properties, however. Aberdeen has a good transport network and good housing throughout, so there’s no need to limit your property search. Instead, picking between student houses is a matter of balancing affordability, character and convenience with your flatmates. There are lots of students looking for flats in the city so get hunting early.