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University of Glasgow Accommodation


Like its neighbour Edinburgh, Glasgow is home to several universities. The biggest of them all is the University of Glasgow, which also happens to be (by some distance) the oldest in the city and second oldest in the country. It is also very prestigious, with many venerated alumni and high academic standards.

The university is spread over several campuses dotted around Glasgow, but the Gilmorehill campus in Hillhead is the largest and most used. As such, Hillhead is one of the most popular areas for those who do not want student flats too far from their place of study. Also nearby is the beautiful Kelvingrove Park and surrounding residential area, which is extremely popular with students as well.

For those who want to be closer to the action, there are many popular areas around the city centre for affordable student housing like Merchant City – but get ready for a longer commute to campus than if you live in the West End of the city. Whether that trade-off is worth it is at your discretion. There is plenty of choice for Glasgow student accommodation, however, so don’t end up living anywhere that you aren’t comfortable with.

Gilmorehill is not the only campus that serves the University of Glasgow, and students may end up in the Bearsden or City Centre buildings – in which case you may choose to find a student let that’s local or near to the main areas. Bearsden is a comfortable and affluent area, but it’s location on the fringes of Glasgow (a 2 hour walk from the city centre) is seen as a downside by many students. There is regular public transport though, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.