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9 Properties available

University of St. Andrews Accommodation


Tradition and academic excellence make up much of what the University of St. Andrews is known for, and that isn’t too surprising when you consider that it is the oldest university in Scotland and the third-oldest in the entire United Kingdom. It is also typically at the top of the broadsheet lists of Scotland’s top institutions and towards the top of the UK’s.

Not bad for a University that exists in the fifth largest town in Fife, where the student population can double the town’s size during term time. St. Andrew’s size makes the choice of student accommodation limited, which is probably why such a large proportion of attendees choose to remain in student halls throughout their time there: 52% of the entire student populace where in halls in 2012.

For those looking to foray into a student let in St. Andrews town, there is a reasonable amount of property available to choose from but demand can be high so get hunting early.