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Tenant Hub

Lettingweb believes in making letting better. For our tenants, that means giving you pertinent information about renting property in Scotland, helping you find flats and houses to rent and guiding you through the whole process - from signing the lease to moving in (and beyond).

Whether you’re an experienced renter or are moving to rented accommodation for the first time, we’ve put together a variety of valuable guides, checklists, tips and tricks to remove the stress and strain of renting and moving.

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  • The Complete Guide to Picking a Property

    Whether you're leaving home for the first time or a family looking for a bigger place as your children grow, finding a property to rent that is right for you can be exciting, but it can also be time-c...

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  • Guide to Credit Scoring

    Guest article from Sainsbury's Bank Blog with a lovely introduction to how credit checking works, when your credit is checked and how you can enhance your credit score. All of this information is rele...

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  • Moving out checklist

    Provide correct notice in writing to landlord/letting agent Date/time agreed for handing over keys Make decision on whether to use professional movers or do it yourself Get quotes for movers/van hire ...

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  • How to find the best letting agency

    After lots of searching, you’ve found a property for rent that you want to move into. But the property is only part of the deal; you’re actually signing up for a professional relationship along with i...

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  • How to maximise your chances of getting your deposit back

    Check when you move in that your landlord or letting agency places your deposit in a tenancy protection scheme. This is a legal requirement and they should provide you with paperwork to demonstrate it...

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  • Ultimate Moving In Checklist

    Provide the required notice to your current landlord or letting agent (if required) Decide whether you are going to use professional movers or do it yourself Get quotes for van hire or from profession...

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  • 5 things your landlord or letting agent must provide you with

    Copies of your tenancy agreement, signed by all parties A Tenancy Information Pack A valid gas safety certificate (and ideally a carbon monoxide detector) An inventory A note of which Tenancy Deposit ...

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  • 8 Hacks to Help You Tidy Up Your Wardrobe

    Has it ever happened that you open the closet and have a bunch of clothes falling on you? Do you spend too much time searching for your favourite clothing item? If the answer is yes, then these 8 usef...

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  • Top tips for Moving by Yourself

    Moving flat or house by yourself can be a money saver, but is fraught which difficulty if handled badly. Follow our top tips to avoid the pitfalls and read the Ultimate Checklist. If you are moving ou...

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  • Receive Party Bubbles

    Did you find your flat by searching on Lettingweb? If so, we want to hear from you. Each week, we’ll select one random winner and send you a bottle of bubbly to toast your success. To enter, just comm...

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