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Tenant Hub

Lettingweb believes in making letting better. For our tenants, that means giving you pertinent information about renting property in Scotland, helping you find flats and houses to rent and guiding you through the whole process - from signing the lease to moving in (and beyond).

Whether you’re an experienced renter or are moving to rented accommodation for the first time, we’ve put together a variety of valuable guides, checklists, tips and tricks to remove the stress and strain of renting and moving.

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  • The hunt is on!

    The Hunt is ON! THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED An unusual Easter egg has been laid somewhere on the LettingWeb website. Follow our clues over the next 5 days to see if you can find it, with the chance...

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  • Tips for Creating a Green Space Inside Your Flat

    Did you know that being in nature has amazing benefits to you? Simply seeing plants and trees can help you be more creative. It is also a great way to boost your mood and feel more peace. How are havi...

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  • Top tips for renting in Glasgow

    There’s long been a healthy competitive spirit between Scotland’s capital and its largest city, with "Weegies" claiming their home is friendlier, trendier and more of a community than its east coast r...

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  • How to Find a New House in a Hurry

    Perhaps you’ve just found a job in a new city or your landlord needs to move back into his/her property. Either way, you need to find a new house as soon as possible. Here are our top 5 tips on how to...

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  • What is Council Tax?

    Council tax has been introduced to Scotland in 1993 and it helps fund for services such as schools, libraries, refuse collection, roads and street lighting. There is a single bill for each house. What...

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  • Information needed to rent a property

    When you find a flat or house for rent that you like, the landlord or letting agency will likely ask you to provide some information. It’s worth getting this together in advance if you can, as it spee...

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  • Sense Checks Before Renting a Flat or House

    You’ve scoured adverts, called agents, and viewed properties, and now you’ve found a flat to rent that you really like. But what final things should you consider before you sign on the dotted line? 1....

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  • Quick Property Search Links

    Quick search links for popular property searches on Lettingweb. Just click below to search for properties. Edinburgh Edinburgh properties to rent Edinburgh 1 bed flats to rent Edinburgh 2 bed flats to...

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  • Making it feel like home

    Once you’ve moved all the boxes in and unpacked, your new place should be starting to feel more homely, but it can take a little while to settle in. So what else can you do to make your new home feel ...

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  • My Moving Story Voucher

    What hilarity, catastrophe or good fortune happened when you last moved house or flat? Email your Moving Story to along with a photo and the writer of all stories featured on ...

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