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Tenant Hub

Lettingweb believes in making letting better. For our tenants, that means giving you pertinent information about renting property in Scotland, helping you find flats and houses to rent and guiding you through the whole process - from signing the lease to moving in (and beyond).

Whether you’re an experienced renter or are moving to rented accommodation for the first time, we’ve put together a variety of valuable guides, checklists, tips and tricks to remove the stress and strain of renting and moving.

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  • Area Report: Moving to Dundee

    Click herefor some great properties in Dundee. What can you expect from moving to Scotland’s fourth largest city? Sitting on the beautiful northern shores of the Firth of Tay and surrounded by history...

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  • How to protect yourself from rent arrears

    One of the key legal responsibilities that tenants have is to pay the rent for the entire duration of the lease term. If you don’t pay the rent (known as falling into ‘rent arrears’), you could be evi...

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  • Top tips for renting in Edinburgh

    If you type in "Edinburgh" to the Lettingweb search engine, there are literally hundreds of different types of property to rent in Edinburgh. These range from modern flats to historic tenements, and f...

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  • 8 Hacks to Help You Tidy Up Your Wardrobe

    Has it ever happened that you open the closet and have a bunch of clothes falling on you? Do you spend too much time searching for your favourite clothing item? If the answer is yes, then these 8 usef...

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  • How to find the best letting agency

    After lots of searching, you’ve found a property for rent that you want to move into. But the property is only part of the deal; you’re actually signing up for a professional relationship along with i...

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  • 5 things your landlord or letting agent must provide you with

    Copies of your tenancy agreement, signed by all parties A Tenancy Information Pack A valid gas safety certificate (and ideally a carbon monoxide detector) An inventory A note of which Tenancy Deposit ...

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  • 5 Tips on Moving in with Someone

    Sharing a property can be a lot of fun, and generally is more cost-effective than renting by yourself. But with two (or more) people to please, it can also be more complicated. Check out our top five ...

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  • Guide to Credit Scoring

    Guest article from Sainsbury's Bank Blog with a lovely introduction to how credit checking works, when your credit is checked and how you can enhance your credit score. All of this information is rele...

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  • Sense Checks Before Renting a Flat or House

    You’ve scoured adverts, called agents, and viewed properties, and now you’ve found a flat to rent that you really like. But what final things should you consider before you sign on the dotted line? 1....

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  • Top tips for Moving by Yourself

    Moving flat or house by yourself can be a money saver, but is fraught which difficulty if handled badly. Follow our top tips to avoid the pitfalls and read the Ultimate Checklist. If you are moving ou...

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